Sunday, October 6, 2013

Capture Your Grief Day 6: Rituals

Today marks 3 years that Joshua went to Heaven. 

It's only fitting that today's subject is rituals:
How we remember Joshua on special dates. 

I really don't feel like writing about today. 
It's the day that my life changed forever.
It's the day that left me with PTSD and anxiety.
It's the day that I had to let go of one of the things I held most dear.
It's the day that my world came crashing down around me.

If you want to read about this day 3 years ago, 
you can read here and here

So instead, 
here are pictures of how we spend his special days. 
It's usually surrounded by the family that we have created- 
a mix of friends who live close. 

We don't do anything special- 
we just come together and remember. 
We cry if we need to. 
We laugh. 
We watch the life in the children surrounding us. 

We don't have to say much. 
Each of us grieves for him in our own way. 
We all understand in some small way, 
but we are together. 
Our love for that little boy carries us and bonds us together. 

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