Monday, October 7, 2013

Capture Your Grief Day 7: You Now

I've found myself becoming stronger and stronger as time goes by, 
unwilling to allow myself to be hurt or disappointed. 

I've lived through the pain of losing Joshua. 

His life gave me a quiet and growing strength. 
His life taught me to respect mine.

I've lived with the pain of his death for 3 years. 
I don't need more pain in my life. 
Those that understand have become my lifeline.

It's a hard balance- 
finding a way to confront those who hurt you 
without hurting them in return.

I haven't done it perfectly, but I'm proud of myself for doing it.

By surrounding myself with healthy people and immersing myself into healthy environments, 
I have been able to heal and grow in ways that I never expected. 

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