Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pictures of yourself that you NEVER want anyone to see.

Like this one, that my friend Nabrissa dug up.

It's sad that this is straight from the camera. No photoshopping or picture gallery editing.



Auntie M said...

What was sadder is that no one was brave enough to post a comment on this, uh, lovely picture of you.

What is funnier is that Nabrissa used it for her FB profile picture!!! LOL

I love that you posted this of yourself: see, I keep telling you what a brave woman you are. Apparently that has sunk in...a bit too far. ROFL

Jessica said...

Thank you for posting this. you had the courage to post this when you did not have any make up on and you weren't perfect. that right there, is true beauty. and your facial expression is great :)

Auntie M said...

She is truly courageous! She even does things like post about her (real) weight. Until recently, I lied to myself about my own weight! LOL

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

yeah....i never wear make up. and I'm still 220 pounds....arrrgggg...i need to get back on track! boooo!

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