Tuesday, September 18, 2012

He Made His Way Home

I don't know if I have mentioned this before.

When my dad was dying, he made the decision to donate his body to science. He made it very clear that after he passed, he wanted his body to go to The Anatomy Sharing Network.

So, after he passed, we honored his wishes to be donated.

His body was sent down to Indianapolis within a day or two of his death. From there, he was used by medical professionals to help learn new skills or to sharpen up and review old techniques.

My mom called me this afternoon and informed me that my dad's ashes have finally been returned to her. His body contributed to approximately 30 surgeon's training and education.

My dad was such an amazing man. I know I haven't shared much about him on this blog-  I wanted to protect the privacy and the feelings of his parents and siblings.

However, I had to share that fact that even in death, he freely gave of himself. Now, I pray that his body provided doctors and surgeons something truly valuable to help other families avoid the grief that our family has faced.

I miss my dad so incredibly much, but I'm thankful for the memories that I have of him. And now, I'm thankful that his ashes have made their way home.


Amanda Dahmes said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family <3

Ausmerican Housewife said...

That is awesome. 30 surgeons? Go Dad! What a blessing!

Auntie M said...

Oh Jill! That's incredible!! What an amazing man your dad must have been!!! 30 surgeons!!! Imagine the countless numbers of patients who will be affected by your father's generosity--and his family's generosity, too, because you did not have to honor his wishes. You could have said, No, we want his ashes with us here, now. But you, your brother, and your mom also selflessly gave so that others might learn...and others might be saved.
What a wonderful family you come from!

rockdog7711 said...

Sending you all (((HUGS))), thoughts, prayers, peace and love. Thanks to your father and to your family for contributing so that others may learn. I too hope to be able to donate to medical science and afterward have a portion of my ashes launched into space aboard a Celstis Memorial Rocket http://www.memorialspaceflights.com/ Space travel has always been my dream and will be the final item on my bucket list. May peace and love be with you always.

Tammie Lewis said...

That is so awesome! What an incredible family you all are! xoxo

Kathy said...

I am a physical therapist, and my class of 35 people spent over 4 months in a cadaver study with 6 human beings who graciously donated their bodies to help us learn. When I evaluate a patient now, and they tell me what ails them, I think very vividly back on those days with those 6 people, and KNOW that they made a difference in my education and in the way I am able to treat my patients now. THANK YOU to your father and your family, as I truly KNOW he has made a difference!

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