Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Light in the Darkness

As I mentioned a few posts ago, we are thinking about moving again.

Right now, we are renting our current home, and while we love it, it is literally 15 minutes from everywhere (it's a geographical oddity!!! -Oh Brother Where Art Thou anyone?!). We are wasting money, time, and gas by living where we live and both Shane and I are getting tired of having to drive long distances for EVERYTHING!

After my dad died, my mom quickly realized that she HAS TO move from their home. She can't afford the home on her income. Combine that with the fact that she works over 40 miles away from where she lives and the only logical thing to do was to think about moving closer to her work.

That leaves us with no reason to stay in Huntington. When we moved to this location, we didn't want to go too far because my parents were still in town. We wanted to be close to them. Now that mom is moving, we have nothing tying us there.

So, a move it is.

We have been praying for God to open doors, but we never expected it to be this mighty. We have boldly asked Him to clearly guide our paths and shut doors where they need to be shut and open doors where they need to be opened. He has done just that.

I'm not going to share the details of where we are going or what we are doing, but I am going to share with you that God certainly has had His hand in all of this. Down to the tiny details of timing and happen stance on our part, His will has been at work and we are almost feeling like our next adventure is too good to be true.

As I think about what is next in our life, I can't help but let my guard down. I can't help but start to feel like this is it. This is where we will call home for the next 10 or more years of our life. This is where our children will grow up, where our next home church will be, and where our lives will take root. It's as if God is finally saying "Well done, good and faithful servant. Here is a small part of your reward. It's time to rest. Time to let your guard down and know that I am here."

As I think about all of the heart ache we have endured over the last 3 years, I can't help but fight the tears. I think about the blessings that have come out of our pain. I can't help but think about the ways that God used Joshua's death to provide for our family. I can't help but think about how God has used my dad's sickness and death to provide our family a small light to illuminate our very darkened path. I don't for a second believe that God made Joshua or my dad die just so we could finally settle down, but I do believe that He has given us some Hope in the midst of all that darkness. He has used those situations to help us grow and now He is using them to provide for our future.

I would trade my dad and my son for anything in the world. I would rather have them here with us, but reality is that they can not be here with us. But there is Hope and a promise for a future. I am trusting that God's plan is perfect. We are trusting that He is with us and in us and around us. He is here and He is leading us.


Beth said...

Praising God for all he continues to show you! I am so glad for all of the blessings he has given you! Continuing to pray for you all.

Lisa said...

May God continue to bless you and keep you throughout all that you are doing in the coming days! Good luck to you as well!

Auntie M said...

Praise God! I went through a dark night of the soul (nothing compared to what you have been going through) and during that time, all I could repeat to myself was, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death." Nothing else. Nothing before or after that little part of Psalm 23. Then one day I suddenly felt as you're describing, that distant light at the end of a dark tunnel. And just as suddenly it hit me that it was the Valley of the SHADOW and if there is a shadow somewhere there had to be a light to cast that shadow. (Does that make sense?) I know you have literally been walking through the valley of death but I am praising God for the blessing of his ever-present Light (even when we see it not) and that right now you are seeing it shine down on you. While faith is believing in what is not seen, it sure is good to see it sometimes, isn't it?! xo

Carol said...

Oh how exciting! Good luck, God bless, and stay safe while you move. I hope you and your family love it there!

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