Tuesday, February 14, 2012


An empty chair where a grandfather and father used to sit.

An empty baby outfit that was waiting for a broken hearted baby.

An empty space on the cell phone screen where a phone number once was.

An empty high chair.

An empty space in my mother's bed.

An empty crib.

An empty dream. One for my son, another for my father.

An empty space in my heart that threatens to overtake me in sadness.

An empty feeling in my soul, once again wondering where God is.

I'm feeling empty these days. Empty of emotion, empty of compassion, empty of hope. 


Auntie M said...

Those empty places will always exist but they will grow smaller in time as memories and remembered love fill up those empty spaces. Also praying that God will help you will those places with his love and compassion both for your missing loved ones and for you. XO

Auntie Mip said...

Against all hope, in hope I believe.
Romans 4:18

Prayers for hope and peace.

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