Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Giveaway coming soon!!!

Hey friends,

I've been on a little blogging hiatus.

Things have gotten busy around here lately, and I just haven't felt like sitting down to write a post (not to mention the post that I really want to get done, just won't come! aaarrrggg....)

I wanted to tell you to keep your eyes open next week, though.

I have 3 of Matt Hammitt's from Sanctus Real's newest CD's to give away to 3 lucky readers sorry about that horrible sentence structure!!!! yikes...! (if you aren't familiar with Sanctus Real, I want to encourage you to go check them out- they are amazing!!!)

If you haven't already heard about them, Matt Hammitt's (the lead singer of Sanctus Real) son, Bowen was born shortly after Joshua with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Matt and his wife Sarah have made it a priority to help other families who are affected by CHD by starting a foundation. The newest CD that Matt has recorded are the songs that he wrote when Bowen was in the hospital after birth.

I will tell you first hand, this CD is POWERFUL. I can't wait to give 3 of you the opportunity to win a copy!

Be looking out for the giveaway next week!

Until then, hopefully my mind and my heart will click and I will be able to finish the darn post that I've been working on for 4 days now! :o)

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Joe said...

Looking forward to your post Jill when the words come to you, they are almost always an inspiration to me. Also looking forward to your giveaway! I have been following Matt and Sarah's blog since shortly before Bowen was born (it is where I found your blog actually) and I have been waiting anxiously for his album to come out in September.

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