Friday, June 10, 2011

Pregnancy Dreams

Without fail, with every one of my pregnancies comes the wild and vivid dreams.

You know, like giving birth to a pineapple, or God sending texts while I'm laboring with instructions with what to do to make labor pain free, or Shane being nowhere to be found for 3 months after the baby is born- a baby who happens to be a green alien that likes to eat corn on the cob.

You know. The usual dreams!

As I posted about this on Facebook a few days ago, people responded with some absolutely hilarious dreams that they have while pregnant.

That prompted this post. Tell me your crazy pregnant dreams! Help make us all laugh!


A Daft Scots Lass said...

I also have incredibly vivid dreams (and especially while I was pregnant). I don't think I documented any when I was preggies but he's a few I've blogged about

Chelsy said...

Instead of layIng people off at work,I dreamt they were gassing them like Hitler. I know...messed up. I have the most messed up dreams while pregnant! At least they usually aren't this scary...most of mine recently involve the birth of this child and they haven't been all bad.

McEngland like the McCountry said...

I had scary, apocalyptic dreams this time around. After being afraid to fall asleep for about a week, I finally figured out it was related to the omega 3 fish oil supplement I was taking. I stopped the fish oil and the nightmares stopped. Then it was just your standard "My baby was born with a head full of teeth and giant clown feet" and weird dreams about me driving an Ice Cream truck and Nicolas Cage flashing me (in case you're curious: It was gross and He doesn't look good naked AT ALL according to my dream. I am officially creeped out by Nic Cage and his movies are banned in our house until I can bleach the memory of that dream from my memory)

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