Sunday, December 19, 2010


The pain.
The flashbacks.
The ache in my heart.
The tears.
The anguish.
The grief.
The darkness.
The fear.
The anger.

God is bigger than this. He can heal me from this.

He will heal me from this.

He will bless me. He will heal me. He will take away my pain. HE is bigger and stronger than this.

He's not done yet. The time has not come. He is preparing His blessing. It will come. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, or this year, or next. But it will come in His perfect timing.

I know this to be true. In my darkest hour, God is there. Whispering to me. I am bigger than this. Rest. Know that I am and I will.


Christine the ArizonaIntactivist said...

Yes, He is! Yes, He will!

Beth W. said...

"As for God, his ways are perfect." You said it sister! I can't remember the address, but it is in the Bible. As soon as I find it I'll post it. ;0)

Stephanie, Daughter of the Risen King said...

Amen & amen.

Rhonda Jones said...

Praying for you!! GOD is definitely bigger than this!!

Wayne and Sue Rasmussen said...

Just saw this today on another blog. Check it out. Perhaps the Lord can use it.

The Hands said...

Jill, thought of you today and will be praying for you at this time of year. Cling to the Lord, your husband and your kids. There is life (on earth) after death and God will lead you through this valley of the shadow of death.

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