Monday, November 1, 2010

Help for a friend

While I was in Seattle, I had the privilege of meeting Dana.

She made the long trip all the way from Canada to come meet me.

Little did I know that she was going to bless me in ways that I didn't expect.

You see, Dana has 3 little ones. Her middle son, Mason, has some extremely special needs that are costing their family hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Dana's husband works full time, and Dana stays home to care for Mason and her other children. Mason requires 24 hour care. Little Mason is not receiving the care he needs due to his family's situation. They have fallen through every crack possible within the government. Doctors are unwilling to work together to form a diagnosis for Mason, and until he has an official diagnosis, they cannot receive funding to help care for Mason. Both Mason's health and behavior have started to decline over the past few months, and Dana feels trapped, scared, and lost.

So, why do I share this with you? I want you to help. I know what it's like a when community of people surround a person in love and compassion. I know what it's like to be in too deep and feel suffocated because there is no way out.

Please, go check out Dana's site here. Please donate whatever you can to her and her family to help Mason get the help he needs. Please. Even if you can only spare $5. Any is better than nothing and if we all donate even just $5 it could be enough to cover even just one of Mason's needs.

I know I have an amazing group of readers who have gone above and beyond to help our family. Dana is near and dear to my heart. I cry over their situation and want to do anything I can to help lighten the load. Please click here for more details and for ways to give.

Thank you so much for your help and support.


The Cox Family said...

I was just reading her story. So sad. Her story is one example of why we don't want Socialized medicine in our country. Imagine not being able to get into the doctor when you know something is wrong. Just being ignored. It may cost us a lot of money (in our eyes - they have paid way more than most of us) but we get what we want/need for the most part. We don't wait. It reminds me of what is going on in Haiti right now too. Ok, enough. Just had to say all that.

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

Becky- it is truly sad at how their family is treated and the loop holes they have to find to get Mason the help he needs. You are so right.

Anonymous said...

It is sad the struggle that family has gone through just to have the basic needs of their son met, and it does speak to how lucky we are to have the doctors and help available we have here. I'm not saying our doctors are perfect and that more research and funding isn't needed. I'm not even saying that we don't need serious health care reform because we do.

But, you can get a swallow study in the U.S. same day. You might fight your insurance for the next month to pay for the bill, but you can get it done. When it comes down to it, I'd rather get treatment first and worry about the money involved later. The same goes for speech therapy, etc. for kids with developmental disabilities. My son is developmentally disabled. When I called the school district's speech pathologist to set up a consultation, they had three evaluators at my home the NEXT day. It is illegal in this country for a school district NOT to serve a child with a disability regardless of their income, age, etc. My son was let into a preschool there is a two year waiting list for because it is literally against the law for a school district to not make a spot for all kids with special needs. The child, by law, has rights to have their needs met. Even before they have a definitive diagnosis, if they exhibit need in speech, cognitive skills, physical need, etc, they do have to be served. So even with a health care system that has some flaws, you can get help here. Especially for a child that demonstrates that level of need, even without a clear diagnosis.

By the way, Jill I am lovin the new pictures of Caleb and Hannah. Soooo cute.

The Sears Family said...

Thank you for your amazing words Ladies. It has been a hard battle, but the support we are now receiving from complete strangers is just amazing. We have always left our finances to God, believing that God provides. And he does. I just don't know how to thank everyone enough for all the support. Your words encourage me.
Thank you again,
Dana @The Sears Fam

Nikki said...

I can't even imagine what that has to be like for Dana! When Emmett was in the NICU we were so grateful that the doctors and nurses there were 100% focused on getting Emmett well. We knew the financial hit would be hard-and boy was it, but we had the wonderful blessing of getting him better before we dove head first into hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of (and still rising) medical bills.

Michelle said...

our family is really having tight times right now... my stepdad is a chaplain & the ministry is having such a hard time meeting their donation goals because of the economy that some months he gets NOTHING.

each of my surgeries (and i'm facing another one soon) is OVER $100,000 - and i'll be needing these brain surgeries for the rest of my life, sometimes with abdominal surgery in addition to my brain surgeries.

so all i could give was $10. and honestly, it feels like nothing, like there's no way it even matters. but because i've been in the hospital, i know that my parents had to eat as they sat by my side. they needed gas to drive to the hospital each day. so maybe my $10 will buy Dana some dinner or help with gas to go to an appointment. or maybe not. but it's all i can do.

does it REALLY, TRULY, HONESTLY make a difference??? if it does, maybe i can get another $5 or $10 soon... but i need an answer first, either on your comments to this post or my comments to whatever my most recent post is. i trust you, so if you say it matters, then i'll believe you because i've been in touch with you for months.

THANK YOU for letting us know about this family!!!!!!! as i'm sure you know, the very most important thing this family needs is PRAYER, and that's something that ANYONE can offer as often as they want because Jesus paid the bill. if you hadn't done this post, there'd be less people praying, and certainly nobody would have the opportunity to donate, so i'm glad you posted about this family.

PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED! i subscribed to be a "follower" of their blog but i'd like to hear something from you occasionally as well, just because i "know" & trust you. ;-) not that i think i can't trust them, i just haven't gotten familiar with this family yet, although i hope to look through their older posts when i'm feeling better (nasty infection & on antibiotics right now) so until then, i shall look to you. :-P

praying for you still... missing your baby boy right along with you. of course your grief & missing him is much stronger than ANYONE else in the world, i'd never claim otherwise, just wanted to let you know that Joshie IS remembered, he IS missed, his life DOES matter. as time goes by, i want to be sure you know that & know that you aren't the only one who wants to keep his memory alive & give him a legacy. :-)

praying & hoping you'll answer my question whenever you have a chance,

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

Michelle- Thank you. Thank you for praying for the Sears family, thank you for your donation to them. Any amount helps. You are right, they have to eat, drive, and occasionally buy a starbucks! :o) (for sanity purposes only of course!) Do not feel the need to continuously give, but if you choose to give more, I know they appreciate any amount.

Dana truly is a sweet person and has a heart of gold. She and I instantly clicked and i cried with her as she told me of their struggles.

Thank you for continuing to love and remember Joshua. I miss his little face and those big beautiful eyes more than anything.

Let me know when your surgery is. i want to be praying.

Mama B said...

Jill- thank you so much for getting involved in this! I think the first purchase at my shop for this fundraiser was from one of your readers. Just so your readers know- if they don't want to do a direct donation, they can make a purchase from and 20% goes directly to Dana. It's a win/win! Thank you again for getting involved!

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

Bonnie- glad to help! :o)

The Sears Family said...

This comment in for Michelle.
I wanted to let you know that every penny counts. Your ten dollars will pay for one extention, Mason needs one of those every week. This piece is what hooks the feeding bag to Mason's button that connects to his stomach. It's one of the most valuable pieces in the feeding system.

Our family just finished a two month long fundraiser for Variety-The Children's Charity. It was a coin drive. I was shocked when I received a ziplock bag full of coins, it looked like pennies and a couple loonies and toonies. There was over $85 in it. Every penny counted. If there is one thing we have learned through all of this is any and all kind support matters. No matter how small or how big. It is all the same in our eyes and God's eyes. I two gave a $10 donation just recently, because I wanted to help. I knew that it would not do much, but in the grander scheme of things I just wanted to support them and maybe it counted more than I know?

We have also learned that there are such good people out in the world. It doen't matter if they are miles away...I feel their love. The words that are written are so uplifting and leaves us feeling alot less alone. Just words of encouragement are gifts.

I am amazed by the outpouring of love from everyone, if it weren't for these special two women...I would still feel very alone.

I love Bonnie and Jill. I dont know how to thank them and everyone else who is supporting us.

We are praying for everyone who lends an ear, opens there arms, leaves words and anyone who donates to Mason.

Shocked, we have been shaken to our core with the outpouring of support.

So thank you. And thank you to everyone who keeps Mason in their prayers as well.

Dana @ The Sears Fam

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