Thursday, August 5, 2010

We are so close!

We are so close to the arrival of this little one I can hardly stand it!

Despite the unknowns, I'm truly looking forward to seeing this new little being that has caused so many emotions and feelings. I can't wait to see what color hair he has (Caleb is convinced that he is going to have red curly hair!) see who's nose he has, and how much he will weigh. I am excited!

I've not had a nesting phase yet, but it's finally hit this week. I'm bound and determined to keep the house picked up, the dishes and laundry done, and get everything in order for Joshua's homecoming. We have the pack and play already set up, and his dresser and clothes are ready to go. Even though he probably won't be home until October, I'm ready!

Now, if I could just get my butt in gear and get our bags somewhat packed, we'll be good to go!

I can't wait!!!!


Stefenie said...

Pretty soon you will be in the trenches with the rest of us heart mommas but loving every minute of getting to see Joshua! Praying for all of you!!! Always here if you need me!

kirsten michelle said...

I'm so excited for you to meet this feisty little Joshua!! I know you'll be in the thick of it for awhile, but I also know you two are now and will be surrounded by so much love and support and prayer. Praying for you all!!

love & hugs,

nabrissa said...

me either...i can't wait to see the little booger!!

Leah said...

Just was thinking of you and little Joshua. Praying for you all now!

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