Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big Trouble!

I was searching through our mini van looking for some CD's and I came across something that made me laugh hysterically.

Apparently I wrote this to Shane as a warning about my frustration a few years ago. I guess he had spent a lot of time making some CD's and I felt like he should have been using his time a bit more wisely....aka. doing dishes, taking care of the kids, doing some laundry or perhaps mowing the lawn! He says he kept the dumb thing as a reminder of my psycho-ness. HAHAHA!

I had to laugh not only because of the capital letters and angry face, but because that was the route I had chosen to show him that I was mad at him. I ruined a perfectly good CD to get my point across. Man, am I a jerk or what?! And so what if he was making some CD's? Who am I to tell him what he has to get done and when. This was just a good reminder of how much harder I need to work on my control issues. (Although I will admit that that was a pretty good way to make my point!)

1 comment:

nabrissa said...

hahaha, why am i NOT suprised!?!?!? lol...

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