Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What? Sleep? What's that?!

Has anyone seen my sleep lately? I think I've lost it and have no idea where I put it. It must be hiding with those stupid shot records that I'm still missing.

Every night for the past few months, I have been up for multiple reasons throughout the night....every. single. night.

The first reason for my lack of slumber are the physical symptoms that accompany having a child crammed tucked away safely inside your uterus. Frequent trips to the bathroom, the inability to turn over gracefully, and the lack of control over my body temperature all contribute to my midnight fun.

The second reason for my midnight madness is the crazy thoughts that run through my head. I lay in bed every night thinking about the most random and stupid things a person could think about. Some examples of my wonderings mind are: Is the toad drowning in his cage? Is water leaking in the house from the rain? Did we lock all the doors? Did I just hear our car door slam? Is there someone breaking into our cars? Am I going to go out in the morning and find that our trash has been thrown across the driveway from those stupid raccoons that attack our garbage cans every night? Do I really need to turn over again?!

Last night was the most ridiculous of all. Every time I laid on my right side, my lung would start to rattle. I think I may be starting to get yet another cold. Usually not a big deal. But then my mind started freaking out. "What if it's pneumonia? What if I am sick and then go into labor? What if I'm sick and then I can't get into the NICU to see Joshua before his surgery? Should I wake Shane up to go get me some medicine- there is no way in, well, you know....there is no way I am getting up to get myself medicine because I'll fall down the stairs in this darkness. Should I call the doctor? Oh wait, maybe I should just try to clear my throat and see if that takes care of it." AHEM.......oh....problem solved. Seriously....an hour of my sleep wasted because I needed to clear my stupid throat.

What in the world is my problem?!

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Stefenie said...

Oh Jill.....the crazy things that keep us up at night. TRY TO GET SOME REST! :) You need all of the sleep you can get right now!

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