Monday, July 26, 2010

Skype anyone?!

This summer, 2 of my good friends moved away. And when I say moved away, I mean MOVED AWAY. One moved to Africa, and another to California. Mind you, we live in Indiana.

They have been bugging me to create a skype account so I can talk to them, and for as much as I love technology, the last thing I need is another account to an addicting site. But, I finally cracked and created an account and downloaded skype to my laptop.

Then it hit me! This will be perfect! While I'm in Indy and Shane and the kids are here, I can talk to them through Skype! It will be the perfect way to show Joshua to Shane and the kids and for me to physically see and talk to my family! Why didn't I think of this sooner?!

Praise God for technology and another addicting site!


Amy said...

Skype rocks! We use it to talk to our family in Traverse City and Texas!

Hannah said...

So I just read your last few posts; I am the Mom of three, our youngest being a 7 month old hypoplast. Yes, it was really tough on me thinking of how all the long distance (we are three hours from the hospital where our daughter was born/treated), hospitaization and general chaos would affect our older kids, but they have held up pretty well. It does feel unfair! Let me know if I can help with other questions you might have about what is to come.

Anonymous said...

I tried to use skype when my oldest went to Japan this summer but I could never get it to work! I've been a bit busy and haven't checked in on you guys in a while but I have been praying. Crystal in IL

Carla Sue said... this is one area that I'm behind's it work? I would love to use it for connecting with my sister in college, family in Colombia, etc...but don't know anything about it. Is it webcam stuff? Chat? Tell me more. ;) I don't do these new things myself...I wait until someone else does the hard work first. lol.

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