Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kissing Boyfriends

We stopped at Shane's work today to talk to a friend of his about fixing our car door. After we left, this is the conversation that followed.

Caleb: "Dad, that was your boyfriend?"
Shane: "No, daddy doesn't have a boyfriend. Daddy has a wife. My wife is your mommy."
Caleb: "Does mommy have a boyfriend?"
Shane: "Well, I hope not. Mommy's boyfriend is me. I'm her husband."
Caleb: "Boys don't have boyfriends? Only girlfriends?"
Shane: "Yes."
Me: "Someday you will have a girlfriend and you know what you will do with her?"
Caleb: "What?"
Me: "You'll hold her hand and kiss her!"
Caleb: "No I won't! Someday Hannah will have a boyfriend?"
Shane: "NO!"
Me: "Yes! And you know what, someday she will hold hands with her boyfriend and kiss him!"
Shane: "Hannah, are you going to kiss your boyfriend?!"
Hannah: "YESSSS!!!!"

At that point, Shane about had a heart attack! haha!


Carla Sue said...

Awesome...! I think the best part was hearing your family's voices in my head as I read the dialogue! :) Too funny!

The Hoitsma's said...


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