Saturday, July 24, 2010

I killed the toad....and other such thoughts....

It's 4:30am. I can't sleep. Want a peak at what keeps me up at night? Here ya go!

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~ While in New Jersey, Caleb caught a HUGE toad. I mean, this thing was HUGE. My husband, being the animal lover that he is, put it in a little plastic tub, and brought it home to keep as a pet. We fought Shane finally decided against my will to keep the dumb thing. It's been sitting in a 10 gallon tank ever since.

We had a showing yesterday at 6pm. I noticed that the toad tank didn't smell the greatest, and didn't look the the most attractive, so I put the toad, tank and all, in the back yard, just outside the back door in the shade. Well, tonight it rained.....A LOT. I haven't gone out and checked, but I'm fairly sure Mr. Toad is d.e.a.d. Oops!

~ Shane and I have been on a Criminal Minds kick. We get the kids to bed and rush downstairs to watch it. Some of the episodes are a bit too much for me to watch, so I bust out the lap top and mess around on the computer while he watches. I've noticed that Dr. Spencer Reid is becoming my next big celebrity crush. I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones or what, but between him and Robert Pattinson, I think I may just swoon! (for some reason, Shane won't get his hair cut like either of them....disappointing!)

~ This upcoming week is my last week of work. It's a bit bittersweet for me. I love my jobs. I love working to better the community. I'm sad that I have to stop working. I guess I wouldn't be as sad about it if I knew that I was coming back to it in 6 weeks. The hard part is that after this week, I have 2 weeks left and then Joshua comes. With his arrival comes so many emotions. I'm not sure you want me to get into that right now.

~ My sister in law brought all of our baby stuff back that she borrowed. I forgot that I had given her so much! Mr. Joshua is set for a while with clothes and stuff. I'm just not sure where to put it all at this point. Our house is so stinking small.

~ Speaking of our house. It's for sale, and we've thankfully have not had anyone interested in it (long story- I don't think I'm going to get into the details of this one on here because I don't want any nasty anyonomous comments from people that think they know the details of our financial state but really have no idea. I learned my lesson with that one!). But won't it be our luck that we will get an offer on it in the middle of birthing and Joshua's first surgery. Just knowing how our life works, that's how it will happen!

~ Finally....I have SUCH pregnancy brain. I took Hannah to the doctor this week because I thought she was having a bad reaction to the shots that she got on Tuesday. Turns out it was strep throat. Shane got a call on his phone that afternoon saying that I dropped the kids shot records at the office and that they are at the front counter for me to pick up. HAHAHAHA! Mind you, these are the 2nd copies I had to make of those dumb things. I still haven't found the original. UNBELIEVEABLE!


Angi said...

Girl, after these last 3 weeks, I can not express to you how much my heart goes out to you!! Our situation was sprung on us and Jude will come home a healthy boy. Can not begin to imagine what it is like having weeks to think about what is coming...and then having to go through so much for so long to get him healthy. I pray for you often and look forward to meeting you and your little guy. I've found the NICU world to be very please let me help in anyway you need while you are down here!!!

I hope you get some good sleep does wonders for my emotional stability. Not that that is ever very stable. ha!!

Take care of have a lot of people praying for you!!


Carolina Carters said...

Enjoy your last week of work. After Joshua gets home and things settle down a little maybe you can get back to something once a week or so. That helped me a lot. I was nervous about not being at work before Derrick was born. Thankfully I've been able to work around 10 hours a week and it's been really good for me. I feel like I still have a purpose other than wife and mommy. And the adult interaction doesn't hurt either! Maybe you'll be able to find something like that.

We're always praying for your family and little Joshua!! Can't wait to see his precious face! :)

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