Thursday, July 22, 2010


Anyone who follows me on facebook knows that my 4 year old kid says some of the funniest things. I've been good at recording them on facebook, but once a few days pass, there really isn't any recording of them permenantly. I want to put them here. I hope you find him as funny as Shane and I do. (I went clear back to April and copied and pasted them directly from Facebook!) Enjoy!

Caleb: "When we get home i'm not going to bed!" me: "yes you are." caleb: "i thought you cared about me!"

After watching me take communion in a really loud voice: "MOM!!!!!!! YOU JUST ATE JESUS!!!!! AND YOU DRANK HIS BLOOD?!?! I just want to go back to my class now!"

Caleb: "MOOOOOOMMMMM!!!! I just put a quarter into the DVD player and it didn't give me a gumball!!!!!!!! It didn't give me my quarter back either!!!!!!!!! Now what am I going to do?!"

Hannah: "I burped from my bottom. hehe!" Caleb: "I tooted from my mouth!"

Hannah just walked by me sitting with my feet up and said "ewwww...mommy feet tinky!!! I get wipee and clean dem!"

Caleb: "Mom, I'm hungry. Can I have a piece of candy?" Me: "No, we are going to eat dinner in an hour." Caleb in a very whiney voice: "Why don't you love me?!"

Caleb refusing to eat supper: "mom why are you doing this to me!? why are you feeding me!?"

Caleb to his Sunday School teacher: "If we say we hate God, he will cry. BUT God is bigger than the monsters."

Caleb: "Mom? How come people toot, but birds don't?"

Caleb on father's day: Caleb: "Good Morning Dad! Happy Smother's Day!"

Caleb: "I love parades, we have enough candy to last us FOREVER!!!"

Caleb: "mom this dinner is very scrumptious!"

Caleb said this to his children's ministry teacher: "When I am so old, and can't walk anymore, I will die. But don't be sad, it's ok. I'll just go up to outer space with Jesus and fly all around kinda like the angels do."

Caleb telling us what he wants for dinner: "mom! i want corn on the scab!" aka corn on the cob!

Caleb: "shrek is a yogurt!"

Caleb while sitting on the toilet: "Come on bottom. You need to work. I need to go poo poo."

Caleb: "When I get bigger, my armpits are going to stink too. Right mommy?" I guess maybe I needed a shower?!

Caleb: "I'm going to ride a rocket ship up to heaven so I can meet Jesus. Blah Blah Blah. Oh, and I love my baby brother Joshua."

Caleb: "girls cant have motorcycles- only barbies."

A cop drove by our house. Caleb said "dad! i just saw the po-po!"

Caleb: "i want to eat paper. I want to be somebody."

Caleb: "Dad, after it's camping time by the zebra, we are going to fire the zebra and then get some sticks." WHAT?! I have NO idea what he is talking about!

Caleb: "Hannah, I'm sorry my foot kicked you. It just had nothing else to do. It was bored."

Caleb:"Can we have macaroni and cheese with hotdogs in it for lunch?" Me: "yeah, we can have that." Caleb: "Thanks mom. That will be incredible!"

Hannah was in the way of what Caleb was looking at. Caleb yelling: "HANNAH MOVE!!! I CAN'T SEE!!!!!!" Hannah started to cry. Me: "Caleb ask her to move nicely and say you're sorry for yelling at her." Caleb still yelling: "HANNAH MOVE NICELY!!!!!"

Caleb: "how about we don't take a bath. How about we just wash our bottoms with a washcloth?!"

‎6:10am- Caleb: "Mooooooooom!!!!!!!!!! Happy Smother's Day! Now make me breakbreast!"

Caleb: "mom! can you turn the washing machine down?! i cant hear my movie! "

Caleb: "I want some peanut butter with a piece of spoon."

Caleb (out of nowhere): "After i see that dog, I'll be a model citizen."

Caleb after coming in from our backyard: "Mom, will you button my pants please?" Me: "Why are your pants unbuttoned?" Caleb: "I turned into a dog when I had to go poo poo. Do you want to see my poop under the slide?" Me:"Caleb, you are not a dog, and it is NOT ok to go poo poo under the slide."



Carla Sue said...

Here's one you'll enjoy as you know we have Isa-isms as well:

Last night in the pool, Isa realized her floatie had lost a little air (like two breaths worth).

She held the foatie in her hands, lifted them to the sky and cried: It's leakeded! Why? What's wrong with this world?!"

Amy said...

OMG, these are great! I liked Carla's too, LOL! So how 'bout a Sean-ism (I record these regularly on my blog too, but this one is from last night so it's not on there): Last night Sean was in the tub playing with a plastic walrus. He said, "Mommy, that's a walrus! How awesome is that?!" Ummm.... pretty awesome, Buddy. Hee hee!

Hey, I was going to suggest this, though it might be something that's already crossed your mind: Every year, I have my blog uploaded and printed into hard copy on It's relatively inexpensive, and I use it as my journal/baby book(s). It is, however, time intensive. Once you upload the the blog entries into Blurb, you have to edit. It's hard to explain. But to me, it's SO worth it! It's all professionaly printed & bound. I give copies to my family. Anyway, thought it might be something you might want to check out since you have a lot of great information and memories in your blog. One day, you'll be able to show it to Joshua so he can see just how much you loved him even before you met him :-).

Stefenie said...

He sounds a lot like my seven year old. Logan is starting to become quick witted too and they both crack me up with the things they say.

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