Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beyond Blessed

A friend of mine threw a baby shower for me today. Honestly, I felt pretty stupid having a baby shower for my 3rd baby who happens to be my 2nd boy, but she really wanted to do it, so she did.

The ladies who came today are some of my dearest friends- most old enough to be my mom or older aunts, but dear friends none the less. Joshua is so blessed to be surrounded by a group of women who love him and have offered many prayers on his behalf. I am beyond blessed to have such a great group of godly women with whom I am able to bare my soul to, and depend on for support.  I was humbled today at their generosity, love, and thoughtfulness.

This shower was hard for me. I wasn't expecting the range of emotions that I experienced (although I think I did a decent job of holding it together and even possibly hiding those feelings). There were tears, joy, and a true sense of love and support. We are blessed.

To all of you ladies who came, thank you from the bottom of my heart. To those of you who couldn't make it- thank you too. You all are so important to our family and we would be lost without all of you. We are blessed.


kirsten michelle said...

That's so awesome, Jill!! I'm glad that you were so surrounded and supported, and just lavished on with love. You and your family (including this very special baby you're carrying) are going to be so blessed through all the challenges that lie ahead, I just know it.

Love to you & your family from ours. :o)


Melinda said...

What a wonderful shower. I don't think I'm having a shower for this baby and my shower for my daughter was less than successful due to some family issues, so I'm jealous!

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