Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Answered Prayer....sorta

If you are friends with me on facebook, you will know that Shane's cousin Michael passed away. He was in a motorcycle wreck earlier this week, and he finally went home to The Lord on Wednesday.

Shane had some time off this weekend, so he talked with his family and was able to make a trip out to New Jersey to be with his aunt, uncle, and cousins. The entire extended family is heading out there sometime this weekend, so there will be probably close to 60+ people out to be with the family. I wish I could have gone.

Because of Joshua's condition, I am not allowed to travel further than 2 hours away from Indianapolis, so going with them was not an option. Originally, I was going to keep the kids here with me and just Shane was going to go to New Jersey, but his mom insisted that he bring the kids with. (NJ is a 12 hour car ride from where we are.) So against my protest, Shane packed the kids up and headed out with his mom yesterday.

That leaves me with an empty house until Sunday evening.

Just a few days ago, I wrote about being so emotionally and physically exhausted. I saw no end in sight to that exhaustion. Well, here is an answered prayer! I get to relax, watch movies, watch the news (I know, I'm such a nerd!) and not be responsible for ANYTHING for the next few days! I can nap as I please, read as I want, and just sit around and do NOTHING!!!!

Thank you Jesus for another answered prayer! (although I would have gladly taken exhaustion over Michaels death...please don't think I'm being insensitive to that.)


Melinda said...

I'm so sorry for the reason for your "weekend off," but ENJOY it since you have it! My prayers are with your cousin's family.

Christine said...

I think God works hard to find whatever bright spots he can bring in tragedies and that you getting a much needed break is one of those spots. I'm sorry for your family's loss, but I am glad that you are getting a brief respite in the whirlwind that life is right now.

Molly Alisa Photography said...

I love the new blog look Jill. Looks awesome.

I was so sorry to hear about Michael. I have been praying for your family.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. :)

Carolina Carters said...

I hope you're enjoying your "me" time!! You deserve it. I'm so sorry about Michael...praying for your family!

The Cox Family said...

I'm glad that you are able to "refresh" this weekend. We all need a little time like that.

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