Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OB appt.

I had an OB appointment yesterday. (regularly scheduled of course) My big ol' belly is measuring at 31 weeks (I'm 30 weeks and some odd days.)

The hospital keeps trying to get to preregister for our birth, and every time I tell them that I'm not delivering there, they say OK and then I get another call a few hours later!

The best news of the day? I only gained 1 pound since my last appointment 2 weeks ago. My total weight gain so far is only about 30 pounds so far. It's a lot, but compared to my other pregnancies that isn't even half of what I would have gained by now! I attribute that to my nonstop going going going and doing WAY too much! That's alright though. I'll take it!

Here's what we have coming up next.

Consultation with Joshua's local pediatrician Monday June 21. (sad day that it won't be with my very favorite pediatrician in the entire world but that's ok.)

Tuesday, June 22- Indy trip for our big 5 hour consultation/information overload.

Monday, June 28- Next scheduled OB appointment. (32 weeks baby!)


Danielle said...

Glad to hear that your appointment went well and hoping that the others go just as well :)

The Cox Family said...


Amy said...

Just wanted to say Hi - I have an 18 month old with HLHS. There is hope and you'll get through everything. Heart babies are amazing!

Amy Schroeder

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