Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm being forced to do this.

My dear friend Nabrissa and her husband Tim are moving out of the country on June 28th. I'm not happy about this, and she is making it worse by making me write something for her for some dumb book that she has. I have issues saying goodbye, and I don't want to write in her book. BUT.....she's forcing me. So instead of writing it in her book, you all get to read it here and then she can print it out and glue it into the dumb thing! haha!

So here you go.

Nabrissa- (and Tim too.)

Where do I start? What do I say? Not goodbye obviously. Not really see you later. I don't want you to leave, although I know God is calling you to go.

Nabrissa, you have been such a rock for me. We have known each other for years, but have just become close over the past year or so.

You have been there for me. You were there when I found out I was pregnant with Caleb, you were there in those early days of marriage, you were there through my job search, and pregnancy with Hannah. You were there, praying, as I finally surrendered my will over to God, and let Him take the reigns. You were there through the hemorrhage, the bedrest, the depression. And now you are here for the heart defect. The whole while, praying and never ceasing. You have felt literally sick for me, praying and begging God on our behalf. You have rejoiced with me. You have encouraged me and challenged me to continue growing and trusting.

I know the distance between us is not going to keep us from being friends, but I also know what distance can do. It's not going to be the same. It's not the same as being just a few blocks away. It's not the same as me seeing you riding your ridiculously tiny scooter past my house trying to balance you, your monsterous hat, and your giant sized bag. It's not the same as picking up my phone and texting you at all hours of the day and night, knowing that you are probably up because of your crazy insomnia. It's not the same as our impromptu pizza and movie nights, staying up way too late when we all have to work in the morning watching movies that aren't even worth our time! It's not going to be the same.

Skype, facebook, and email is going to have to do. And that is what makes me sad. I won't be able to hear your laughs, make fun of your hair, or even hug you when I need some reassurance. I won't be able to text you saying "what are you talking about? I'm korean!"

So my friend, this is why I didn't want to write anything in your book. This is why I don't want to say goodbye. I dont' want to acknowldege the fact that you won't be here for the birth of the baby you have prayed so hard for. I don't want to acknowldege the fact that you won't be here when our house sells or when Caleb goes to preschool. Saying good bye, or even see you later, makes me acknowldge that our friendship is soon going to change in crazy ways.

Nabrissa, know that I love you. Know that your friendship has meant more to me than you probably realize. Know that I pray for you and Tim daily and will continue to do so. Know that you will be missed. Most importantly, know that if you decide to stay and not go, no one will be mad at you! :o)

Now, back off! You got what you want, leave me alone and let me hide from you until you leave!

Love you,


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Carla Sue said...

Aw. I'm pretty sure a speck of dust or something flew into my eye while reading this...funny thing is, both eyes started watering! What's up with that?

I love you (and I love you too Nabrissa!) It'll all be fine and when she comes back, it'll be like she was never gone...

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