Wednesday, June 9, 2010


~ There are going to be some physical changes to the blog in the next month or so! I'm so excited, so keep checking back! (yes, I did change the background now, but that isn't it, there is more to come!)

~ Only 9 weeks left until baby Joshua arrives and the madness begins! For as uncomfortable as I'm getting, I wish he would just stay put for the rest of his life!

~ I'm doing very well with the HLHS stuff. I feel like we've got good support in place, plans are being made for the future, and we are learning as much as we can. I have my moments when it hits me. For example, we were at the zoo, surrounded by families with small children, and BAM! It hit me...."Out of all these kids that are here, why was mine chosen?" Tears started flowing and I had to pull it together. but we are doing alright.

~ June 22 is our 5 hour along appointment in Indy. We will tour the PICU, NICU, labor and delivery, meet with the neonatologists, have a consult with the surgeon, and have another echo and appointment with the cariologist and maternal fetal medicine doctor. We are looking forward to getting everything in place for the arrival of our little miracle baby!

~ We have decided to get our house up on the market as a short sale. We simply can't afford the payment anymore and are trying to avoid potentially going into foreclosure. We have 3 small projects to finish and then it will officially be up on the market- hopefully by July 1st. We are at peace with that decision, although it's sad to think that we will have to rent a place for the next 3 years to get back on our feet. I just hope we can find a house to rent instead of an apartment.

~ Not much else going on at this point. Just trying to enjoy the rolling that is happening in my belly, loving on my babies, and preparing as much as possible for some major life changes that will be happening in the next 9 weeks.

~ I just updated our caringbridge page with some important upcoming dates. Please go check that out for ways to pray, and other Joshua related updates!


Carla Sue said...

Our church is going to be renting a house soon. :) but its in fort wayne.

The Hoitsma's said...

i love your new background!

ummm you forgot to put how excited you are to see us on friday. ;) i can't wait to see your cute joshua belly!!

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