Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun Times on Vacation...

This weekend has proven to be just what Shane and I needed. It is what our family needed for that matter- a chance to unwind, forget about our worries, spending quality time together, and relax. It has been WONDERFUL!

Here are a few highlights from our trip so far. I have a butt load of pictures that I will download once I can get them off of my camera (yes, I used an actual camera instead of my phone!)

We went to the children's museum. The kids were able to play and we were able to enjoy watching them. Caleb especially loved the dinosaurs, and Hannah loved the playscape with the water, sand and lifesize doll house. Hannah was just the sweetest thing ever- running around, pigtails flopping, and singing loudly.

Speaking of singing loudly- the past 2 nights Hannah has laid in bed singing her little lungs out until she finally passes out. Shane and I listened to her singing for over an hour last night and just laughed and giggled at her little songs. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABC's, Itsy Bitsy Spider. She sounds just like Boo from Monsters Inc. It is just the sweetest thing on the face of this earth.

Caleb has been especially funny. Unfortunately (and fortunately at the same time) I promised myself that I was not going to carry my phone with me this weekend and I have stuck with that. But, since I didnt' carry it with me, I wasn't able to tweet/facebook his funny quotes. I've since forgotten most of them except for tonight when he was sitting on the toilet and we hear him say "Come on bottom, you need to work. I need to go poo poo!" So so SO funny!

Today it rained and we found ourselves at the Indiana State Museum. Leave it up to my husband to get a good deal and he got 6 of us in for free using his military discount! Yesterday we were able to get into the Children's Museum for a total of $4 due to my being on medicaid! Love it!

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo. Caleb has been dying to go see the animals. The Indy zoo has shark petting and Caleb is convinced that we are going to get our hands bit off. I'm hoping we will get him to try it.

We have been swimming like crazy, sleeping in late (ok....late to us is 7:30), eating extremely well (not so much nutritionally, but tastefully) and not spending a lot of money. It's been wonderful! :o)

I'll update more soon. Probably when we get home! Have a great rest of the weekend! I know we will!


Angi said...

Glad you guys are having fun around town! :-)

nabrissa said...

everything you wrote in this post makes my heart smile!!! i'm so glad you guys are having such a WONDERFUL time!!!

The Cox Family said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you guys to get some time together as a family! Have fun! We are about to leave for our family trip tomorrow!

Indiana State Musem said...

Hello - We are so glad you enjoyed your visit to the Indiana State Museum. We are one of the Blue Star Museums honoring military families with discounted admission. Go to this link for more information and for a list of other museums honoring this program:

Leah said...

Sounds like it just what the dr ordered (if he were to order relaxation, fun, and family).
Love the Caleb quote. He'll really love you one day for writing them down. Blackmail material for sure lol
It sounds like Indiana wants you to visit more museums. Go for it!

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