Saturday, May 29, 2010

Junk Email

Does anyone else laugh at the stuff that fills their junk inbox daily? I look over the names and the subjects and I can't help but to laugh. Do people actually fall for this stuff?

According to my junk box, I have an expiration notice that I can take a laid off survey for $500. Then I can get some alcoholism help from a Tina on FaceBook that sent me a message. Apparently, she wants to tell me about an unread message from SouthWest Airlines who wants to reward me. For what? That flight on Southwest that I never took?! Who knows!

Unread Member # 2301042 wants me to join him or her at their place Saturday night. Sounds like fun! Maybe we will be talking about those new product ideas that they so desperately want?! But then again, maybe Rebecca, who is a single mom wants to tell me about her second chance with internet riches made easy and how I can earn $5K in 100 days! Woo! Who wouldn't want to do that?!

Finally after that, according to the Economic National Survey, I can help boost the economy through United Nations by claiming my Un-Claimed Compensation Funds. All I have to do is send them my social security number, bank account number, full name, and address.  Sounds like a plan to me. I'm all for boosting the economy!

I also get the opportunity to meet with MollySMemberInvite for yet another get together! Am I lucky or what?! Just call me miss popularity. I wonder if we will talk about Jenny and the Walmart Workers from New York who make more than the CEO? Sounds like a good conversation to me!

I think I may earn my accounting degree and move up in my career just after I get an Affordable Unsecured Loan Online. I may take out a little bit extra on my unsecured loan so that Shane can get All Natural Male Enhancement to satisfy me as long as I want! Ha!
After satisfaction has been completed, I may apply for a job as a Local Data Enterer because there seem to be dozens of companies hiring. I hope my boss is Redhead Paula Pennypacker, we redhead's need to stick together, ya know?! Although, she may not have Auto Insurance- if that's the case, I can refer to her Agent 3 who can cut her auto insurance in half! Can you believe that?! In HALF!!!!

Odera Okoye seems to think that either Shane or I need to gain 3+++ Inches today. I think I've gained my fair share on inches in the past few months, so I think maybe this was directed to Shane. I'll be sure to tell him about it, because by golly, it's FREE and EFFECTIVE! Free is good, effective is even BETTER!!!!

Gotta love the inbox!

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Gramma said...

Loved it Jill. You should be writing for Andy Rooney on 60 minutes. Or John Stosel on ? whatever he's on. Great stuff, kiddo!

Keep up with your sense of humor! You are going to make it through everything, because your trust is in the Lord! Love you....

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