Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Smother's Day!

Today is my 4th Mother's Day. Every year for Mother's Day I am pampered, spoiled, and allowed to do whatever I want. For example, this morning:

At 6:10am Caleb (who happened to be in our bed since 2am) woke me up oh so gently by screaming in my ear, "Mooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!" I responded half awake "What?!" He said so sweetly "Happy Smother's Day!!!! Now, can you please go make me some breakbrest?!"

I only get the finest of treatment. Sleeping in, breakfast in bed, and presents galore that are ment for me and me alone.

Yet another example:

Caleb and Hannah brought home a present for me from daycare. It was wrapped in cute pink wrapping paper. Caleb handed it to me and said "Mom, we have a present for you. Here you go!" As he proceded to tear open the wrapping paper and take the picture frame away from me so he could point out to Hannah that they are both in the picture. I didn't even get to see the picture for a good 10 minutes after I Caleb opened it for me!

Gotta love those moments of being woken waken (which one is it?) up at 6:10am. Gotta love those little hands that are so excited to give you a present they just can't contain themselves. Gotta love those little mouths that make me laugh constantly.

This Mother's Day, I'm already tired, not feeling the greatest, and wishing that baby Joshua were in my arms safe and sound. But, I'm thanking God for the blessings that I have in the form of Caleb and Hannah. I'm thanking God for the life that is just beginning in my belly. I'm thanking God for blessing us and keeping us while we endure this storm. I'm thanking God for giving me the greatest blessing a woman can ask for....The blessing of being a (S)mother! :o)


nabrissa said...

the foreigner in me says it's "woken" and i think the foreigner is me is RIGHT! LOL...

Happy Smother's day jill!!!

Molly Alisa Photography said...

LOL. Great post. Kids are so funny. Enjoy your day, Jill!!

Cindy said...

Definitely "woken" up, Jill - Nabrissa, foreigner or not . . . "woken" :) Good use of the English language :)

The Cox Family said...

woken - Sounds like a great day full of love and joy!

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