Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sweet (accident prone) Hannah Girl

I think my little Hannah girl has inherited my gene for attracting "bad luck." Not that I believe in luck, but man, I get some wild things that happen to me!

Poor little Hannah has had accident upon accident in her short 23 months of life:
1. From the very beginning, she could not figure out how to suck. At 1 month, she was in "speech therapy" to help her calm her gag reflexes, and learn how to properly move her mouth to suck on the bottle or breast.
2.. Black eye falling off of a chair
3. Hand caught in the automatic sliding door of the van resulting in 2 broken fingers (we took her to the ER for this with her black eye.)
3. Falling down the steps
4. Obtaining a HUGE mysterious bruise on her chest that lasted for about 3 weeks. No idea where that one came from.
5. Brother hit her in the nose with a toy which resulted in a HUGE gush of blood.
6. Falling down a handycap ramp at church, landing on her face, resulting in a fat lip with 2 teeth marks in them. (not to mention the crack of her face could be heard in the other room!)

This poor sweet girl has had some major trauma! I think the bad luck gene is hereditary. I'm so sorry little Hannah Girl! At least you are tough!

(Maybe this driving stuff isn't the safest thing for her to do if she has my bad luck.......16 is going to come too quickly!)

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