Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And so it begins....

I don't know if I blogged about this before or not. If I have, just continue to read.

As you all know, I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. This pregnancy has proven to be anything but enjoyable. We have been told that this baby was not going to live. We have been told that I'm at serious risk of miscarriage. We've been told that there is possibly something wrong with baby's heart which is completely unrelated to the hemorrhage that has threatened the life of my baby. And now I'm suffering from pain in my knee that I can't do anything about until after this pregnancy is over. It's been a rough 9 weeks since all of this transpired to say the least. (Not to mention that my husband burned our kitchen down a week before all of this transpired, and we decided to do the remodeling ourselves to save money.....ha!)

WELLLLLLL......we enjoy adding stress to our lives. We have an opportunity to stay in a house for a year for a lot less money than we are paying on our current mortgage. Some friends of ours are going overseas for long term missions, but have every intention of returning to the states in approximately a year. SOOOOO.....we decided to look into either selling our house or renting it out....selling isn't an option because we won't get what need out of it, so renting was our next best option.

We also live literally 2 blocks away from a Christian University and around the corner from a coffee shop, so we are in the perfect spot to rent to college students. So we advertised on campus and we have had some bites.

Just tonight we are officially landlords starting in August! We have 6 (yes, SIX- I have no idea how they are all going to fit!!!) college guys (yes, GUYS) who will be renting our house for the school year. I'm nervous. But I'm so thankful that we will be be able to get ahead of some of this debt that we are in. I'm so thankful that God provided someone (or 6 someones) who will be living in our house.

So on top of a high risk pregnancy, a bum leg, lack of finances, and a mad rush to get all of our house projects done, we will be moving into a new house with 2 small children, and a new baby on the way shortly after our move. We will not only be responsible for the house that we own, but also for the house that we will be renting.

Are we crazy or what?!


J Holl said...

Definitely crazy. But the good kind! :)

Leah said...

Wow. Six guys. Where have I been. How exciting! So, say the word when it's time to pack. Six guys, wow! Where will they all park?
Hope the knee eases up, bum knees are rough. Awesome that you are at week 20!

The Cox Family said...

Wow! God provides! You are good crazy! Crazy faithfull for sure! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

They will destroy your house...

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