Thursday, April 8, 2010

SeXy KiSSy LiPs (I'm back in middle school again!)

Ok....I feel like an old fart here...Maybe I am....or maybe I just don't understand....

Why do girls take their pictures puckering their lips? Is it supposed to be cute? Do they feel they don't have enough "plump" in their lips and need to make them look fuller? (if that's the case, I've got plenty of plump in my body....gimme a call and I'll give some to you) Do they want me to make out with their picture on the computer screen?!

I decided to get in on the kissy lip action......enjoy.....

I seriously think this is THE WORST picture of me I have EVER taken!!! Although the kIssY LiPs are so sexy aren't they?!
I also DESPISE the kIsSy LiPs with the accompanying peace if I only had a flat billed hat that is 2 sizes too big for my head with the shiney new sticker on it, I would be set!

Am I alone in this? Is this obnoxious to anyone else!?



Amy said...

Laughing hysterically here!

Avery Tales said...

This is hilarious and OH SO TRUE!! The kissy lips drive me CRAZY!! What really gets me is when the girls are in their 30's and think it's cute. I mean, seriously?!?

The Cox Family said...


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