Friday, April 30, 2010

Story of our life....

So apparently, Satan doesn't feel threatened enough. He's got to add more wood to the fire....

I got the mail today and there was a letter from the IRS. We owe $423 from our income taxes from 2008.


The best part?! It has to be paid by May 26th otherwise we start accruing penalties and interest. It can be paid in incraments, but the longer it goes with a balance the more penalties and interest that we will have to pay.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I feel like if I start crying I may never stop. (Edit: I had to come back and finish this post. I ended up having a panic attack.....had to call a friend to come over because I thought I was going to pass out, fingers clenched up and went numb, face was paralyzed, was seeing stars. It was BAD!)

We don't even have an extra $5 to our name at this point. On top of all of the financial hits we are going to be taking in the next few months with travel to and from Indy, the upcoming surgeries, and EVERYTHING ELSE.

God is faithful. His promises are true. He will provide. I'm just tired of being beaten down. and beaten down. and beaten down.

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The Cox Family said...

Girl, I love you, but you need to calm down! (easier said then done - right?) No panic attacks! Deep breaths. Prayer. Love ya!

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