Friday, April 9, 2010

Seriously?! this....and tell me what you think.

When I read this, I laughed hysterically....While I don't condone sexaul harassement, advances, or attacks, I do think this is rather ridiculous. 

And the facebook fan page is even funnier!

I'm sorry...maybe I'm horribly insensitive.


The Cox Family said...

I can see both sides. I do think it's hilarious though. The thing that would make me see the other side is that maybe he would start slapping butts and then progress to something more. I probably watch too much Criminal Minds though! Haha!

Tiffany said...

Ok, I gotta admit... if it happened to me.... I would probably be shocked at first and then after a second, laugh my freaking butt off. I guess if it were accompanied by something more severe, then I could understand it. A "butt grabber" would be a lot worse.

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