Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Peace. Finally.

I met with my 3rd doctor today and am feeling very comfortable with the route he has chosen for the care of myself and the baby.

Since my peri up and left, he left a handful of patients just hanging. My doctor has taken on these patients, (including myself) and is working with his board of directors (or something of the sort) to work in cooperation with some specialists in Indianapolis. Big relief. Also, if I go into preterm labor, they will transport me up to the nearest hospital with a great neonatal-ICU.
As far as the check up itself, he did not do an u/s which I was a bit bummed about, but he did check the heartbeat and it sounded great. I go back in a week for another check up but won't have another u/s until 18 weeks (3 weeks from now.) At 22 or 23 weeks he will give me the steriod shot to help mature baby's lungs- just in case. Just pray that we continue on the path that we are on, and that we make it to 23 weeks. He did say that working is not an option at this point. I'm frustrated with that fact, but also relieved because I have not felt well enough to even get off the couch. He told me to do only as much as my body will allow and to be very careful about how much I can and can't do. (Dr. U, you can tell him that I'm pleased!)
I'm at peace about this doctor. He seems to fit and was very kind and gentle with his words. He took time to answer my questions and fully explain what may or may not happen. He was upfront about the loss that we could still face, but he was also very optimistic about carrying to full term- or at least close to it.

Just pray there are no more fiascos. My mom came over today and cleaned the ENTIRE first floor of the house. My kitchen is back in order except for a few cabinets that need to be hung. Things may just turn the corner back to normalcy. (yeah right!)

Continue to pray that baby Joshua does well and continues to thrive. Pray that the doctor is comfortable caring for both myself and the baby. Pray that no other big things happen in our life and we have some down time to recoup.

I'm feeling at peace. For now.

Thanks so much for your support ladies!


nabrissa said...

yay!!! praise Jesus!!! See, it was a blessing in some ways that things didn't work out with the other doc. Though i hope he and his loved ones are okay...

i'm glad your mom was able to help clean up the place, it did look like a hot mess!!! :) i was going to ask if you wanted me to stop by sometime this weekend to help you clean, if the house gets to lookin' horrible by then, the offer still stands :) I'm so happy you're more at peace, it's good for you and it's probably a lot better for joshua too! :)
So what's the scoop for the friday concert btw?

The Cox Family said...

Yay, Yay, Yay! I'm so excited about your new MD. He seems like a perfect fit! I'm praying full term, but NICU is my specialty so ask if you have any questions! Yay for a clean house too! ;o)

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