Friday, March 12, 2010


Got back from bible study this morning. Our leader went to Israel for a week long trip to tour the holy land.

She told me that she placed my name as well as baby Joshua's name in the wailing wall. Wow.

I know that it's just symbolic, and that God hears our prayers no matter what. But wow.

This woman has only known me for a few weeks. The fact that she was thinking and praying for us while she was out on the trip of a lifetime is beyond humbling. To know that my name and my child's name are somehwhere in that wall, in another country, across the world, with so many other people's prayers and burdens. Wow.


Carla Sue said...

That. is. soo. cool.

The Cox Family said...

Yeah, WOW! That's so awesome! Just knowing what we know history wise ... wow!

Cindy said...

This is one of the most prayed for babies and mommy I have ever known. Jill, you are most blessed. :D

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