Saturday, March 13, 2010

A little story

There once was a hormonal crazy woman. The woman's refrigerator was empty and she needed to go to the store. She called up her mother and asked if she would like to join her for a trip to the grocery. Her mother needed groceries as well, so they went together.

Once the woman got everything she needed from her list, she headed to the check out lane. There was a young mother with a cart full of groceries and her most prized possession in the front of the cart. That prized possession was a sweet newborn baby girl, who by the looks and sounds of it needed to be fed. Her sweet lungs were belting out a loud and beautiful cry that was only soothed by her mommy talking sweetly and gently to her in a sing song quiet voice.

The woman saw this, and at once, lost all control of her emotions. As she was unpacking her cart, putting each item on the belt to be purchased, tears streamed down her face. Uncontrollable sobs came and consumed her. The cashier and other customers looked upon the woman like she belonged in a mad house. The woman's mother looked at her mortified, asking quietly in her head "what in the world is wrong with you?!"

The woman tried to pull it together. She checked out and all but ran out into the parking lot into the rain trying to hide her tears. She got into the car along with her mother, and sobbed and sobbed.

Pathetic huh?

The End.


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Anonymous said...

Gotta love the hormones. You too will be talking to a newborn (Joshua) in that sing-song voice before long.

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