Thursday, March 11, 2010


Shane and I had lunch together today. Here was our conversation. I guess sometimes when life gives you a bunch of crap, you have to have a sense of humor about it!

Shane: looking at my plate of food while giving me a look of disbelief  "are you really going to eat all that?"

Me: "Well it's on my plate. So yes, I do suppose I'm going to eat it all." feeling embarassed because of the excessive amount of food on my plate....I was hungry!!!!

Shane: "Jeesh!!!" laughing and looking at me to see if I am going to kick him or punch him or spit in his food

Me: "Well I am growing another human life within me....leave me alone jerk!" as i start shoveling food into my mouth

Shane: "'re also growing a hemorrhage!" trying not to laugh, but still trying to decide if i'm going to murder him.

Me: "YES! you are right...I'm growing a baby AND a hemorrhage. Baby Joshua....maybe we need to name the hemorrhage.... it is a part of me and growing."

Shane: "Hermie. So now you have Squirmy and Hermie. A match made in heaven. Do you think a doctor will give us a birth certificate for the hemorrhage? It can be the evil twin."

Me: "Ok, just stop talking now. Idiot!" hahahahahaha!

Gotta love that man of mine! :o)


Carla Sue said...

That my dear friends, is why I love you both so. :) Jose's brother had a tumor that he shared a womb with. I doubt they named it though. Ew.

The Cox Family said...

That's SO SO SO funny!

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