Wednesday, February 24, 2010

14 weeks 3 days

I can't believe that this is me at only 14 weeks. I think I looked like this at 30 weeks with Caleb. Yikes!

Compared to 12 weeks: (below)


Molly said...

You look great ! Love to see the beautiful smile and hey....who cleaned the bathroom? It looks spotless. :)

Carla Sue said...

Joshua knows he's just gotta fatten up a lil' quicker in case he makes an early entrance. ;)

Mommy K said...

I think you look great! =) I just have to remind myself of the agonizing wait for my belly to "show" that I was pregnant with my first. Now, I should be SO thankful how quickly I show with all my other kids, right?! =) I'm sorry you are continuing to have issues with your pregnancy. =*( But, I had a close friend bleed a ton in the first trimester and had a perfectly healthy baby boy. I know it's not the same situation, but I hope it gives you a little more hope. I'm still praying for your little one!

-Ashley Kellogg

The Cox Family said...

You look great! You just pop out faster with each one! I know I did with Kasen! :o)

Molly Alisa Photography said...

Awww! You do look great!

I've been missing you!!

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