Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Thoughts of a Bedridden Mama

~My couch is what some could called "preformed." It has a nice dip in it that fits the shape of my badunkadunk very nicely. It's comfy for now, but I'm sure eventually I will start sinking into the dark abyss that is the underside of my couch. You will have to find me amongst the lost coins, half eaten crackers, and missing socks.

~I am on "pelvic rest" and will remain there until the end of my pregnancy. At first I asked for a doctor's note to give to my husband, but now I feel like a middle school boy- unable to control my hormones and desires. Why is it that when someone tells me I can't do something, that is when I want it the most? Is that the redhead in me?

~I've gained 12 pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy. Most of the weight gain has happened in the past 3 weeks. Like more than half of it.....KILL ME!

~Caleb is dead set on wanting a baby sister. He even calls "her" Karen. (No idea where that came from!) I told him that it's a boy and he said "No it's not, it's a sister called Karen." I don't think so honey!

~Hannah has been talking. And talking. And talking. She never stops talking. It's funny though because just last week we couldn't understand a word of what she was saying. This week, we get the gist! Sweet Sweet talkative girl! :o)

~Just an FYI: Don't ever, I repeat, DO NOT EVER go the the site It is pretty much rated X.

~I've been feeling flutters here and there. It makes my heart overflow with joy.

~My legs have not been shaved in probably over a month. And I have no intention of taking care of that issue in the near future. Just call me hairy beast from now on.

~I've used up all of my texts for the month and over 75% of  my plan minutes for the month. Next billing cycle begins 3/3. This bedrest isn't good for anyone or anything!

~I think I need an intervention for Facebook. Seriously.


nabrissa said...

if it is the redhead in you, then i must secretely be a redhead too!

oh, ps, i've created a dip for my badunkadunk in every bed i've had since highschool... :(

what's with this you do realize that just telling us not to go on it is just going to make us want to check it out even more right!?!? lol...

oh and my legs and armpits haven't been shaved in nearly TWO months...gross!! i was gonna do something about it yesterday finally, got the shaving cream on etc... just to find that in all this time my razor had gotten So i'm still a hairy beast too... wahahahaha.... :)

Anonymous said...

I too was wondering what or how you found such a site? What were you searching for when you ran across it?
Leah: At least you have a reason for the permanent dent in you couch. Can't say I have a good excuse. Only that I'm a self proclaimed couch potato.

Glad you are taking care of 'Karen'. Maybe Caleb knows something even the drs don't know. It's hard to believe Hannah is talking up a storm. Seems only yesterday...

Happy to hear squirmy is moving and that you get the joy of the experience. Feel free to IM anytime during the week. So long as my IM is up I'm available to chat, could save on the texting and help pass the time.

The Cox Family said...

I feel the same way sometimes about "pelvic activity." It's like when he's at work is when I'm in the mood! Ha! I guess we are just onery!

I too have a facebook addiction. I have an iPhone so I like to get on fb from there. I hardly ever actually get online on fb!

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