Monday, January 11, 2010

Two Kwanzaa's

Caleb has always had a special talent. Since a very young age (about 1 year old) he has been able to cross his eyes. Both at the same time, or one indivually while the other stays put. We call it his crazy face, and when he tries to be funny he crosses his eyes and let's his mouth drop open.

He has started something new with his eyes recently:

When he makes this face he says "Two Mommies," or "Two Chairs" or "Two Hannah's." He sees double.

Recently we were sitting at the dining room table eating dinner and he made his crazy face. He then started a very long list of everything that he was seeing 2 of.

He looked up and saw this:

Our chandelier.

Out of his mouth came: "Two Kwanzaa's!"

Apparently at day care, they learned about Kwanzaa. And it stuck. And now our dining room has Kwanzaa in it. How is that for being multicultural?

This is what the candles look like. I don't see much of a resemblence, but at least he's making connections right?!

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