Monday, August 13, 2012

Please, Go Away

I see the keywords that you are using to find my blog.

I am seeing the sites you come from.

It has been 2 years.

You took my son's death and used it for your cause.

You told me I deserved for my child to die.

You plastered our name all over the internet.

You made it your mission to use my son's name as an "example."

Please, I'm begging you.



It's been 2 years. Please just leave our family to continue grieving our loss.

You have made your point, you and I will never see eye to eye.


Just. Stop.

Stop using his name. Stop using our family's name.

Please, just let us be.

(comments are going off for a while. I cannot handle the hate right now. My grief is too raw and too painful to deal with the vile.)


Auntie M said...

Love you, sweetheart & am praying for you this week, that you will be covered & protected from this cruelty.

La Caudilla said...

I am sorry.
I am sorry that some people who are, or *pretend* to be, from within our comunity, have been cruel to you.

I was not one of them, I would never do the same, and also, I do not need to apologize on their behalf.

But yet, I will do so.

I apologize to you because some people who have no actual intention of helping us, but rather to only spread pain and insult, have been hurtful to you, Jill. I am hereby apologizing on their behalf. I am sorry.

No mama, whatever choices she makes, deserves to have a broken heart because of a gone baby.

I visit your Blog sometimes, but for a different reason. I, too, grieve recent losses, and your experience as a human being, human and mother dealing with grief, is inspiring to me. That´s all. We have so many things in common after all. I do not search your page to vilify you, and once again, I am sorry this has happened.

No matter what our fight or cause is, when a mother has lost her child the best thing we can do is SHUT UP respectfully and take the activism somewhere else. I wish you much peace and happiness.

Carol said...

I cannot imagine someone showing such cruelty, I'm otherwise speechless at reading this post. Praying for your comfort and protection.

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