Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting Back on Track

I have a confession to make.

I've been slacking.

My weight loss was going incredibly well. Until summer hit.

I've gotten lazy.

I've stopped tracking and I have been enjoying my food waaaaay too much.

However, I have not gained.

I am sitting right at the 32-34 pound loss mark. I started off at 255 pounds. I weighed in this morning at 221.   That number has not gone up at all, but it's not gone down either.

So, back on track I go. Today, I went to the grocery store for our weekly shopping trip. Instead of buying the junk that I love, I bought the healthy stuff that I love. (ok, well, maybe I bought a little bit of the junk that I love- everything is ok in moderation, even the junk- right?!)

I have 50ish pounds to go. I want to get there by the end of this year.

I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

Let me grace you with a few pictures of my lovely self. I call these the "COME ON, JILL!!!!!!! Get your butt in gear!!!!' pictures!

34 pounds down

50 more pounds to go! I can do this!!!

And just for good measure. This is me at my heaviest.

Don't mind that awful bedhead.
I took the picture to make fun of my wonky hair,
but it turned out to be a pretty good "before" picture.


Jessica said...

you can do it!!!

dissonance_n_desire said...

You look great, Jill! I go back and forth on my weight loss, too, but the important thing is that we're moving forward, not backward, however slowly.

Robin said...

you look great, and you can do it!

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

exactly! <3

leah said...

way awesome. i don't have the nerve to take a full body picture. i'm now down 23 since thanksgiving. maybe we can hit our goal at the same time :)

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

I really don't like to take pictures of myself. but, like I wrote- those are my "get your butt in gear so you don't look like this the rest of your life" pictures! LOL!

Those pictures are goooooooooood motivation, that's for sure!

Beverley said...

Way to go! I am confident that you will get to your goal!

Peggy McPeggy said...

Yay for NOT losing!!! That is awesome. Even though losing would have been nicer. :)

Today I went shopping and made a huge dent in my cooking for a month project. First time. Mostly crock pot meals, because I don't want to use the oven in the summer, WAY TOO HOT for this prego! I've got 10 meals done, and those meals also give left 20.

I'm trying to eat better this pregnancy, and this is a way to do it. Also, trying to save money, and see if we like this method, so that I can stock up on food before baby arrives.

I still have breakfast to tackle and one more crock pot meal. Haha!!!

I'm SO tired, feet hurt, back hurts, hot. I'm whining...but I'm glad we have food to be tossed into the crock pot and I dont have to worry about it, until supper time!! *wiggles butt*

What meals/recipes do you like, Jill??


Peggy McPeggy said...

PS, did I mention that you look much happier in the newest pictures?
And also, what I tell myself all the time, baby steps, they are small but go towards your bigger picture!;)

You got this!!! :D

The Real Life of a Red Head said...

Great job on preparing ahead. That is something that I wish I did more of. I will occasionally cook a bunch of meals ahead of time, but more often than not, I don't. It feels so good to have stuff prepared ahead of time!

tonight we had taco salad...mmmm....

tomorrow, we will have hamburgers on the grill with whole wheat buns and fresh fruit and veggies on the side.

we are also going to do foil meals at some point this week. fresh veggies, hamburger patties, and a little heinz 57 sauce, wrapped up in tin foil and baked in the oven.

What kind of crock pot meals did you make? I love a good crock pot recipe!

Peggy McPeggy said...

Yeah, we'll see if I continue this! I start WELL...then fizzle out! lol

Hamburgers sound yummy! Best summer food, in my humble little ol' opinion.

I did two vegetarian recipes, a soup and a chili. They use seasonal veggies, like squash, onion, etc, with the addition of carrots, bell peppers, chicken broth, beans.
I'm doing a pulled pork one, chicken curry, BBQ chicken, sweet and savory meatballs, sausauge and peppers.
I can get you the recipes to any of those, if you like.
Will also be doing breakfast burritos, waffles and trying out pb&j's for the freezer. Read on a blog that she freezers her's and they aren't soggy. So hubby will test a few out for me, before I make a lot up.

I went to Mexico years ago and they did this really yummy foil wrap. Potato (pre-cooked), grated cheese, meat of choice, hot sauce. Bake it, or grill it. then put some sour cream on top. Yummy, but probably not all that healthy! lol I think they added corn...

I love crock pots! Whomever figured that one out, deserves a medal!

Auntie M said...

You look wonderful, Jill!!! So proud of you! Impressed that you haven't gained any back while not keeping track! That's great! If you plateau, try lots of water with fresh lemon & lots of fresh spinach (uncooked or lightly steamed w/lemon). It often helps jump-start you again.
I've lost 25+ lbs and have 40-50 to go. However I didn't have to try very hard w/those 25-30 lbs (weird--I know) and know I will have to work on those last big ones. I'm stuck at 200 even. Bugger! LOL

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