Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Kids Make Me Laugh

My kids crack me up.

It seems like at least once a day, they are saying or doing things that make me laugh.

I wanted to record a few of my favorites!

Caleb eating a ham sandwich and the ham had some holes in it: "Mom!!!!! These holes are where they shot the pig so that we could eat it! COOL!!!!!!!!"

Shane to Hannah: "Hannah, you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life."
Hannah: "My mom is going to throw me in the trash."

Caleb was outside and I hear him yelling for help. I rush out side and he is covered in black dots. I quickly found out that the dots were ants and they were biting him. After I got them all off, I asked him what happened. He apparently thought it would be fun to lay his head on an ant hill....ON PURPOSE. 

Me to Hannah: "Hannah, what is your puppy's name?"
Hannah: "Email."

Caleb: "Mom, all the girls at school chase me at recess. They are big fans of me."

Hannah: "Mom, my boogers keep growing, so I HAVE TO keep picking them and eating them. They are DELICIOUS."

Caleb: "Mom, in our new house, I want the toilets that flush by themselves. Oh, and a king cobra."


Auntie M said...

I love your kids!!! And I haven't even met them! LOL

amberstarr82 said...


Someday this is going to be some great blackmail to use. ;)

L said...

Are you sure that last comment was Caleb and not Shane?! :-)

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