Friday, January 27, 2012

This Baby

We named this baby Luke.

Lucas means bringer of light. 
He certainly has been the light in the midst of our darkness.

He has brought healing from the loss of Joshua.

And now he has brought light to the darkness of the situation with my dad.

What a blessing he is. 


Kellie said...

My youngest is Lucas also. He lives up to the meaning of his name.

May God bless you during this trying time.

Just Another Blogger Mom said...

Aww how sweet!! I am so sorry to hear about your dad, my prayers are with all of you during this hard time!

My son's name is Lucas =)

Dina Jean said...

He sure does look like he brings light :) Sending prayers your way to stay anchored in the storm you're in.

Mellow said...

Praising the Lord for this ray of sunshine. :) He is a blessing.

Auntie Mip said...

Against all hope, in hope I believe...Romans 4:18

God bless your little bringer of light and hope. Luke has an impressive smile that clearly lights up any room he is in.n I pray for the comfort of your daddy and entire family every day.

noah and alyssa said...

He. is. gorgeous. Sending good thoughts and keeping you and yours in mine.

~ Rebekah ~ said...

That's how we felt about Austin when he was born. My aunt had been killed in a horrible car accident only months before my mom got pregnant with Austin. We believe God gave us Austin to help us through that most difficult time. Where there was only hurt, He (God) gave us pleasure. Where there was only sadness, He gave us happiness. And even though, we still miss my aunt so incredibly much, we have Austin who brightened all of our lives and continues to do so. God was so good to us and I'm so grateful that God gave Luke to you.

Ahlam said...

Lucas is absolutely beautiful. I know others have shared your hurt, and rejoiced in your joy. I remember that day that this world lost Joshua, I called my mother and sister, torn up, I told my friends your story- how inspired and connected I felt to you.
Now with Lucas we celebrate your joy, we support your healing. Through the thick and the thin, you know you have a support of hundreds of healing hearts and praying hands lifting you and yours up to the Lord.
m. Juul

pammyg said...

Hi Jill~
I haven't been to your site for a while so I was amazed to see how big Luke had gotten. He is absolutely adorable!!

I lost my Dad in November. The day after Luke's birth. We knew it had been coming for almost a year but it still doesn't prepare you.

Two weeks before his death we learned our daughter was expecting our first grandchild. It was bittersweet knowing my dad would never get to experience the joy of being a great-grandfather. My daughter hadn't even had a chance to tell my parents.

My grief bursts come less and less now; we are all getting used to the new normal. I just wanted you to know someone in Upper Michigan is feeling your pain and wishing you comfort and strength.

Love, Pam

Auntie M said...

Luke is a beautiful bringer of light. And I know he must be a great comfort to you too. Praying the Great Comforter will be with your family during this time.
Love and prayers,

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