Monday, December 12, 2011

"Excuse me Ma'am..."

"Ma'am! Come back! You left all of your bags at the register!!!"


I paid for all of my groceries at the self check out 
and proceeded to walk out of the store without a single one of them. 

Sleep deprived much?!


Krista Phillips said...

HA!!!! This totally sounds like something I would do!

When I was little, we went school supply shopping with my mom (me and my older 2 sisters)

We got back to the car, but in normal snooty sister fashion, we all fought over who got the front seat and when we got home, realized that no one had actually UNLOADED the cart of school supplies.

This was during a particularly poor time in my parents life, so my mom cried and yelled and told us she didn't have any money to rebuy them, so if we got back there and they were gone, we would go to school empty handed.

Thankfully, some kind soul had pushed the cart up to customer service at Target instead of stealing it. *phew*

Ausmerican Housewife said...

I went to buy some new underwear after Evan died. (After being totally unprepared for all the pads and changing them for weeks after he was born, I really needed some new ones!)

I went through the self checkout at the store and had no idea why the alarms were beeping. I got home and went to take the tags off when I had a *facepalm* moment. I didn't have the anti-theft tag taken off. I went back to another store in the area and showed my receipt and asked for the tag to be removed. I told the lady that it was baby brain and she gave me a knowing nod.

Oh boy....

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