Monday, November 14, 2011

Mama, I can't sleep!

The Haskins' household was a no sleep zone last night.

Out of the 5 of us, the only one that slept at all was Hannah.

Luke earned the reward of 2nd place for best sleeper, but don't let that 2nd place fool you. He was fussy and restless.

Caleb earned 3rd place for best sleeper but definitely earned 1st place for creative reasoning.

It seems like every 5 minutes, Caleb was coming into our room with a new reason about why he couldn't sleep.

Here are a few of his many reasons:

"The apple I had at dinner gave me too much energy." 
(could you share some of that energy?!)

"My heart is beeping too fast." 
(it wasn't- I checked)

"I think there is an earthquake!" 
(there was no earthquake)

"When you made coffee this morning, I smelled it and it made me crazy!!!!" 
(you know, the coffee I made over 12 hours ago?!)

"My eyes have too much energy to stay closed." 
 (again with the energy!)

"My ear itches." 
(uh OK....)

"I'm hot." 
(he had since stripped down to his underwear)

"My brain is being crazy!" 
(really?! I didn't notice.)

See why he won first place for most creative excuses to not sleep?!

I think today will be a sleepy day at our house!

It's never a dull moment!


McEngland like the McCountry said...

He's excited because of that new baby in the house!

Lis said...

I like the coffee one. If that happens with him just smelling it, just imagine what drinking it would do! Cute kiddos. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

Auntie M said...

That's awesome! Your kids crack me up!

Jenni said...

I choose you!

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