Saturday, November 12, 2011


Luke is now 3 days old.

We are home and adjusting well as a family!

Caleb and Hannah are in love, and I have get a full report, every 2 minutes, of every possible movement that Luke makes!

"Mama! Wuke's eyes are open!"
"Mama! Wuke moved his hands!"
"Mama! Wuke is bweathing!!!!!"

Caleb refuses to let anyone else anywhere near his little brother. He is very protective- and rightfully so, after having to say goodbye to Joshua.

I can't help but look in awe at this little life that was born out of such despair. When we found out that there was new life growing inside, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness at the thought of another blessing- a chance to start over. Never a replacement, but a soothing balm to help heal the deep wounds of our broken hearts.

Luke has been exactly that.

His labor and delivery could not have gone anymore perfect. It was a short and relatively easy process. The staff and doctors were extremely supportive of our family and sensitive to our previous experiences. They made sure to keep us informed and gave us all the time and support that we needed when our emotions got the best of us.

Luke is pure perfection. A perfect mix of all 3 of our children, although resembling Hannah the most. I've been blessed to catch glimpses of Joshua in him. It's been a great reminder of who he was- helping me to remember some of the tiny details that my mind has forgotten over the past year. There is something extremely healing in seeing him in Luke. Once again, not a replacement, but almost as if God is giving me a glimpse into Heaven to catch a peek at Joshua.

I can't help but look at Luke's untouched chest and wonder why things couldn't have been this way for Joshua. I weep when I think about everything that Joshua had to go through within the first few hours of life. He didn't get to be held, nursed, or snuggled. Instead, he was whisked away, poked and prodded, and hooked up to machines and tubes. His entry into this world was as peaceful and calm as possible, but it was still chaos. I grieve for what should have been for him, yet I rejoice that things were so different for his little brother.

The easiness of this transition has been nothing short of a miracle to me. It's been a reminder of God's promises to our family. We have walked through the fire, and even though it continues to be a painful and long process, God has once again shown us His faithfulness, mercy, and grace. He has given us a blessing that I will NEVER take for granted- even during times of frustration and pure exhaustion.

As we continue to get to know this new little person in our lives, we are continuously reminded that our God is a good God. He will never leave us or forsake us- even when we can't seem to find Him. He brings light to the darkness and healing to the brokenhearted. I'm so thankful. 


The Price Family! said...

Praising God for a healthy baby, mama, and family!! I am so happy for all of you!!

Lis said...

Rejoicing and praying for you in all of those mixed emotions. All your kiddos are gorgeous.

BlessedMommy said...

Beautifully written, Jill. Luke is amazing.

kirsten said...

Much, much love and many congratulations to you. I can only imagine that James and I will experience many of the same emotions and ask many of the same questions as we prepare for Austen's arrival. I'm so thankful for how everything went with Luke's delivery, and now that you can have him at home, exactly where he belongs!

Beth said...

Crying tears of pure joy in worship to Father God!! I am so very happy for all of you and am blessed to have you as a friend and be able to share this journey with you.

cristie parish said...

i have been daily thanking the Lord for His blessings on your family! your posts these past couple days have been such a testimony to God's faithfulness and healing--it's so amazing. thank you for sharing your precious family with us!

Kim said...

Beautifully written!! Im a new poster to your blog.....Been reading for just over a year. Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of Luke....Im so happy for you! Thinking of you and sending massive hugs xxxx

Krista Phillips said...

SO SO SO excited for you, Jill! Luke is adorable, and such a blessing even to those of us watching your journey from the outside. *hugs* Enjoy, my friend, enjoy!

Auntie M said...

So beautiful, Jill! So happy to read the above!! Thanking God with you for his faithfulness and love through the bad and the good! Snuggle in and enjoy this sweet blessing! Love to you and yours, Mary

brooke said...


McEngland like the McCountry said...

I just read this entry! I'm crying tears of joy! You write so eloquently and it really does bring so much glory to God and His faithful love and promise.

Brissa said...

you need to update Luke's pic on the left side of your blog; he looks MUCH different now ;0) - miss you!! Thrilled for you all!!

Bambi C said...

I love you, Jill!!!

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