Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A New Adventure

I've had an idea brewing in my head over the past few months and I'm so excited to be sharing more about it as time comes closer to delivering Luke.

I think it something that will be extremely good for me personally, and something that many of you can probably relate to.

When I was first married over 7 years ago, this is what I looked like.

Sorry for the poor quality- it's a cell phone picture taken of a picture!

This is me now. (and yes, I realize I am 8 months pregnant, HOWEVER, that baby is not living in my chin, my arms, or my hips!)

See the difference?

The weight. Ugh. The weight.

When I was pregnant with Caleb, I gained 80 pounds. After I delivered him, I only lost 20 of those 80. Then I got pregnant with Hannah. I gained another 60 pounds- then lost 20 after I delivered her. Between the two of them, I put on a whopping 100 pounds that I never took off.

Right before I got pregnant with Joshua, I started Weight Watchers. I lost 40 of those 100 pounds. I was feeling really good about myself. I wanted to lose the extra 40, but then I became pregnant again.

After bedrest and an extremely stressful pregnancy and delivery, I gained another 50 pounds- I put on everything that I worked so hard to lose. After delivery, I didn't lose any of it.

Now that I'm pregnant with Luke, I've only gained 25 pounds so far- a huge accomplishment for me, but I'm still the heaviest I have EVER been. And quite honestly? I'm miserable.

So here's what's brewing.

I am going to start another blog (don't worry- this one isn't going anywhere). This new blog is going to document my journey to becoming HEALTHY. Not necessarily a weight loss blog- although losing weight will be included. 

I want to document my journey to making better eating and lifestyle choices. But it's not about achieving a certain dress size or weight. It will be about becoming a good steward of my body- taking care of what God has given me and loving the body that God gave me- even if it will NEVER be a size 2 (or even a size 9 for that matter!). It's about honoring God with my body, mind and spirit.

And yes. I'm going to put it all out there. I am going to tell you my weight, my pant size and my measurements. I'm going to document my failures as well as my successes, and I'm going to be applying God's word to this journey.

I've been thinking long and hard about this, and I'm so excited about becoming healthy again. I can't wait to share my journey with you all and hopefully inspire others to walk along side me to become the women (and men) that God created us to be- fully loving our bodies that were made in His image- even if our bodies are what society tells us they need to look like.

As soon as I get the site up and running, I will let you all know. I'm not really going to start "dieting" (I think I may eliminate that word from my vocabulary) until after Luke is born, but I can most certainly start applying some of these things to my life now.

Will you join me?


contemplationsofahousewife said...

Absolutely will I join you! This has been my plan as well.

And funny enough, I had started WW when I got pregnant with Jeremiah! :)

Jillian Vanover said...

I'm right along with you, Jill! I'm on the road to a "healthier me" after 2 babies in 2 years! :) I'll be following along with you wishing you the VERY best!

Krista Phillips said...

YEAH!!!! My hubby and I are doing the same thing (minus a blog about it of course.) I weigh today what I weighed when I gave birth to my first baby. It's VERY depressing to me! My husband weights probably the most he ever has. Sympathy pounds, me thinks:-)

This last year with Annabelle in the hospital... it's a miracle I didn't gain more than I did! I ate HORRIBLE at the hospital, and chocolate was my constant friend. I think it balanced out all the skipping meals because I didn't want to leave her room though.

I have about 6 pounds to go before I reach my "pre Annabelle" weight, and about 65 pounds before I reach my "pre any baby" weight.

I don't have a "pound" or a "size" goal. Right now, we are "counting" our calories and making better decisions about what we are eating. I've lost 8 pounds so far, and I'm thrilled with that.

Anyway, looking forward to your new blog, I will DEFINITELY be a reader!!!!!!!

Dana Sears said...

I am joining your adventure. Nothing else to say except put that ice cream down!!! ::side eyes::

kmb said...

Count me in!!! Cant wait!!

Monica said...

This is awesome! You're so inspiring, Jill :) I definitely have plans of my own to become healthier after baby #2 arrives in Mar! So I'll be following you on your journey!

DawnB @ The Bent Bunch said...

most certainly will! and by the way, I know you have a hard time believing this, but you are gorgeous NOW. Whatever it takes to feel better though and with that, you'll feel better about yourself, so kudos!!! But you are still gorgeous.

Stefenie said...

Congrats and wishing you well on your journey with weight loss. I would love to join but I actually just accomplished and met my own goals. Been busting my hump the past four months and have lost all the weight I wanted. Woo hoo!!! Praying you get there too dear friend!!

McEngland like the McCountry said...

You can do this! Being heavy pregnant is great motivation to get healthy! Veggies and fruit. We do salads most nights of the week for dinner. It's a great way to get tons of veggies and fruits in. You can get others to guest post their stories and healthy tips too!

Melinda said...

I will definitely join you! I have my own weight loss blog--I also keep mine separate from my "real" blog.

The Cox Family said...

This is so exciting! How motivating for yourself and others. I'll be checking in for sure!

tlpbaby said...

I am in! I want to try and loose more weight and get healthier also. Maybe you will be part of my motivation. :)

Beverley said...

I should do cholesterol is high and menopause only makes it worse!

Auntie M said...

Love your honesty! Would like to honestly say I'll join in~I definitely need to take good care of my body and eat healthier...but I doubt I'll lose weight due to health issues which is a depressing place to start from! But sure would love to!!!!

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