Monday, September 19, 2011

He doesn't even own a set of keys!

Sometimes I just don't have the energy to be the referee between the kids.

There are some days that they love each other so much, and then other days that I swear one of them is going to end up dead.

Yesterday was one of the days where Caleb (5) and Hannah (3) fought almost ALL day.

This fight between the two of them had me laughing so hard I was almost in tears. I really should have stepped in to defuse the situation, but it was too funny listening to them fight over something that neither of them even own. (and no, this was not a "pretend" fight they were having. They were really upset with each other!)

Hannah: "Cawub (Caleb), I wost (lost) your keys!!!"

Caleb: "What?! Why?! Where did you put them?"

Hannah: "I'm sowwy (sorry) Cawub. I didn't mean to wose (lose) them. I'm berry berry sowwy."

Caleb: "Well you better find them. I'm really angry at you right now. Those keys are my favorite!!!"

Hannah: "Ok. I will wook (look) for 'dem. Can you help me?"

Caleb: "NO! You are the one that lost them, you need to find them. How could you be so SEAR-SPONSIBLE?!?! (irresponsible)"

Hannah: "Oh Cawub. I'm berry berry berry sowwy." She begins to cry.

Caleb: "Wait. Hannah! I don't even have keys. You didn't lose them! I don't have any keys!!!"

Hannah (instantly changing to happy go lucky again): "Oh yeah!!!! I didn't wose them! You don't have any!!!! I wove (love) you Cawub!"

Caleb: "Yeah. Yeah."

WHAT?! Weird kids, I tell ya!


Jessica said...

awww that is so cute!! I LOVE little kids :)

Lis said...

Hahaha! Oh my word, get them into acting right away!

Auntie M said...

That's awesome!!! Too funny!!!
But does this mean Hannah lost YOUR keys?

Green In OC said...

Uh, do you know where your keys are?!

The Cox Family said...

That's so funny!

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