Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All the Sleeping Babies

Anyone who knows Hannah personally, knows that she has an EXTREME love for her babies and her "tiny pets."

She loves to feed, love, bathe, and dress her babies. She also is very careful to make sure that all of her "tiny pets" (essentially all beanie babies) are walked, watered, pottied, and caged.

She has such a loving "Mama's heart."

The other night, we put the kids to bed.

Hannah decided that she wasn't tired. We heard her up in her room thumping around, but since she wasn't hurting anything, we decided to just let her play for a while, knowing that eventually she would pass out fall asleep.

When Shane and I went up to bed, this is what we found.

All of her babies and animals were laid out neatly- sleeping.

Little miss Hannah, put every. single. last. baby and tiny pet to "bed."

But after looking, Hannah was no where to be found.

She decided that our bed was the perfect place for her to sleep.

What a good little mama.


Stefenie said...

Awww. God bless her nurturing heart!! Cute!!

Jessica said...

awww thats so adorable!! she is make a GREAT mother one day. I am sure she gets her cues and great heart from YOU :)

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