Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Friday.

Thank goodness!!!!

Caleb is finishing up his first week of Kindergarten. Whew....

I'm amazed at how relieved that this week is over. It's like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

Between sending Caleb off to Kindergarten and celebrating Joshua's 1st birthday, I wasn't sure how I was going to survive this week.

By the grace of God, we have survived.

It's been a rough week to say the least.

Caleb is exhausted.

I'm exhausted.

But it's over.

We are slowly getting into a routine that seems to be working for us. It's nice to only have one small child to care for during the day instead of two. (That will change in a few months though!) It seems that the bigger my belly grows (28 weeks today!!!), the less energy and motivation I have to get stuff done around here. I'm thankful for the break during the day with only Hannah.

I miss Caleb like crazy during the day. I often times catch myself thinking of something that I want to tell him or show him and wish he was here, but I'm glad that he's enjoying his time school.

Shane is off work today. I think I may spend the day napping and reading a book. I'm so thankful for a husband who is willing to let me rest when I'm feeling this tired!

For a couple of days next week, I'm going to feature some letters that were written as a way to honor and remember Joshua. I've got some real tear jerkers- just fair warning. I promise to throw in some lighthearted stuff too though. :o)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Lis said...

Hiya! Glad to hear Caleb's enjoying school. I have no clue what relevance this holds, but for the past say 5 times I've opened your blog the song from "Sister Act" pops into my head. I will follow remember that? Maybe its because of the mountains in your life, I dunno. Just think its a bit off topic but worth the mention. No other blog brings that song into my head. :) yup I'm quirky like that. Prayers ~ Lis

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