Thursday, August 18, 2011

Caleb is His Father's Son

Not that we need proof that Caleb is Shane's son, but if we did, this is proof enough.

Caleb came home from school super excited on Tuesday.

Their class had their weekly trip to the library and he was allowed to check out a book to bring home for a week!

I asked him to show me the book that he brought home and I was surprised at his choice.

This is not the sort of book he would typically choose.

He's usually all about superheros, or monster trucks, ninjas, Pokemon or even monsters for that matter. So imagine my surprise when he brings home a non-fiction book about Labradors!

As I sat down and read the book with him, I was even more confused. This was NOT a book that he would have chosen on his own.

Cute and Cuddly. Not his thing.

Hannah loves this page.

I quickly ran through some different scenarios that could be his reason for choosing this book.

Maybe he didn't have time to pick one and he just grabbed the first one he could get his hands on??

Maybe they didn't have any of the typical books that he would like available for check out??

Maybe his teacher gave it to him??

Finally it dawned on me to ask him why he got it.

His response?

Because it has a dead duck in it!

Well.....OF COURSE!!! Now THAT makes sense!!!!

What 5 year old little boy wouldn't like a book with a dead duck hanging from a dog's mouth?!

He is 100% his father's son. That is an answer that I would expect from Shane. Why should I expect anything less from Caleb?!



Beth said...

I LOVE IT!!! I laughed pretty hard at this when I read it. How priceless! Isn't it great when our kids bring us such joy?

vanderheir said...

haha that is too cute!

Shawna said...

Haha that is too cute! Gave me a laugh after being told new battery for our car plus labor was almost $200.

Jessica said...

hahaha so cute. That picture with the little girl and the dog is so adorable!

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