Saturday, July 2, 2011

Meet my Husband...The Animal Lover.

Shane has a really bad habit of bringing wild animals into our home and trying to keep them as pets.

We still have THIS pet in our garage. (No worries! It's in a tank. With clips on the lid. 6 of them to be exact. As well as a box of heavy tools to keep the lid on- you know....just in case.... Only because he loves me SOOOO much. HA!)

Unfortunately, it has grown to over 5 feet long and 3 inches in diameter.

And Shane has taught my kids how to feed it. Rats. Live ones that have to be killed first.

(Please don't call PETA on us! We've had enough drama in our lives with extremist groups involving themselves in our lives!)

I can't watch him feed the snake, but the kids are fascinated.

Oh, how I love that man of mine. There certainly isn't ever a dull moment in our house, that's for sure!


Amy said...

Ack! I couldn't watch it either!!! I like snakes, but I don't think I could watch one eat.

Lis said...

Yeek! That reminds me of when we had "Pepper" a little python...only I tend to get attached to cute little mice so my husband took the "food" ones to his office and left the "pet" ones with me.

Peach said...

Whoo! Fun times. Five feet!? I had to double take on that one. Crazy!! BTW, just saw your due date. How amazing!!

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